About Sticky Kitty Games


Sticky Kitty Games is a small independent game company started in 2014 by Mike Wheeler and his wife, Wendi Wheeler. At Sticky Kitty Games, we have very high standards and strive to deliver the fun and imagination of  “independent” games blended with the polished look and feel of “big company” games. Our goal is to bring about high quality games that are delightfully addicting!


Meet Sticky Kitty Games Staff


Mike Wheeler, Sticky Kitty GamesMike Wheeler

Directing, Designing, Programming, Level Designing,  Sound Effects, Music, Testing,and Marketing

Mike is a life-long avid gamer. He’s played the “best-of-the-best” and the “worst-of-the-worst” of many genres and platforms. His passion for gaming (as well as computers) lead him to study programming and game development. While his “don’t settle for less” mentality keeps us on our toes perfecting details, it also keeps us centered on making games that are sheer fun!






Wendi Wheeler, Sticky Kitty GamesWendi Wheeler

Directing, Designing, Art, Writing, Level Designing, Sound Effects, Music, Testing, and Marketing

Having grown up alongside the gaming industry, like Mike, Wendi is also a long-time avid gamer. While her vivid imagination ensures that we never run out of ideas, her military upbringing keeps us focused on the task and deadlines. Her “get it done” attitude prompted her to explore her latent artistic ability when the team was in need of an artist, and her eagerness to create has driven the team crazy ever since.






Mr. Waffles, Sticky Kitty Mr. Waffles

Team Mascot, Sticky Kitty Games’ Mastermind, and Muse

He eats. When he is not eating he is begging for food. He encourages and inspires the team to make more games, make more money, and buy him more food. Oh, and he caught the red dot… once. He held it for like, five minutes!