Batty Shack

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Fun and Addicting!

Batty Shack is, at heart, a “flappy” style endless runner, on steroids. The short tutorial teaches Batty Shack’s truly unique, never-before-seen, game mechanic. While most “flappy” style games have players tap (or hold) to increase altitude, Batty Shack is different. Batty flies in a straight line, either up (increasing altitude) or down (decreasing altitude). Players tap to “toggle” between an up or down flight direction. This unique mechanic is simple, yet challenging… and amazingly fun!

The addition of moths adds even more to the excitement. Along with avoiding the obstacles, players are now rewarded with bigger scores when they help Batty get snacks along the way. It’s a win/win situation!


Pick a gift, Every Day!

With Batty Shack, it’s like every day is your birthday! You even get to choose your own present!


Shop ’til you drop!

Earn coins just by playing and spend them on awesome stuff in Batty Shack’s many shops! Or, speed up the fun by conveniently buying extra coins through in app purchases.


Epic power ups help achieve big, BIG scores!

The power up shop has a variety of awesome power-ups geared to help launch you to the top of the leader boards! Just drag the item to an empty slot in the shop to purchase it. As you are playing, the item will stay in the slot until you are ready. Choose the best time, and tap the item to launch the power up and boost your score!


Fly in style!

Find all the latest bat fashion at Batty Shack’s accessories shop. From a day at the beach, to a Punk Rock Hero party, to a formal dinner with the Governor, the accessory shop has all the accessories you will need. With new accessories added in frequent updates, Batty is always dressed for success! Simply purchase your favorite accessories in the shop and choose “wear” or go to “Dress Batty” remove, change, and mix and match them for your own unique style!


What will Batty find next?

Batty Shack’s bonus materials shop keeps Batty guessing. One minute Batty is a famous archeologist, discovering rare dinosaur bones. The next minute Batty is sneaking past a sleeping bear, or browsing through “hillbilly art”. Just purchase the item(s) from the bonus material shop, play and discover! Customize your play by turning them on and off in the shop. Check for new items after each update, and the adventure never ends!