Mini Ludum Dare 53

RPG In Space




  • This is a turn based RPG.
  • Use the arrow keys or click with the mouse to move around.
  • When a random battle occurs, fight with the buttons on the right side of the screen.



Theme: “The Future Is Now”

Production Time: approx. 30 hours

Both current developers at Sticky Kitty Games love to play RPGs (role playing games) although we had never as a team attempted to develop a game in this genre. So when Mini Ludum Dare 53 time came around, we knew we had to follow our passion. Even though we knew the task would be bigger than the two of us could feasibly complete in the given 48 hour time frame, we decided to throw caution to the wind and try our hand at a turn based RPG.

Within a few hours of the announcement of the theme, we had a very crude GDD, but we hadn’t decided on a title. With very little time to spend brainstorming, we temporarily called it “RPG in Space”, and immediately got straight to work.

As we progressed, we systematically decided to leave out elements of the GDD in order to accommodate the time constraints. However, we were expecting to have to do that as we had knowingly been overly ambitious with the original design in hopes that we might find time to implement an extra idea or two. With the deadline looming we hashed out a few minor bugs, but were aware that we would unfortunately have to submit without any “real” play testing and game balancing.  However, we felt we had fairly solid, working and decent groundwork completed if we decided in the future to go back and implement the rest of our original GDD and even more if we wanted.

With only minutes left until the Mini Ludum Dare 53 deadline, we were satisfied with what we had accomplished in only 48 hours. We anxiously looked forward to grabbing some grub and catching up on some of our many missing Z’s. It wasn’t until we were actually submitting the game that we realized we had never gotten around to giving it a “proper” title. And so, Sticky Kitty Games presents… “RPG In Space”