Game Jam #2

Next weekend we will be participating in our 2nd game jam!



Mini LD – 53rd Edition

It is a 48 hour compo. Times are listed on the site in UTC, so that translates to our particular time zone (currently, EDT) as starting July 18, 8:00 pm and ending July 20, 8:00pm. The theme is “The Future Is Now.”


Unfortunately, we aren’t able to tell you anything about the game today because… well… we don’t have anything yet. Keeping with the true spirit of the game jam, we haven’t started anything. Sure, we’ve tossed around a couple of ideas for a few minutes, but we haven’t decided on anything. We haven’t even settled on a genre yet.

However, we have decided one important thing. We wanted to launch before the game jam. Although there were many reasons for us to make that decision, one of them was so that everyone can play our game jam entries.

“Before we even wrote the first line of code for ‘Diggin’ Dodge,’ we already designed it to be a fun mobile game. We have plans for it to be much bigger and much more in depth, with power-ups and upgrades and much more. We are still working on it, and hope to be able to announce the launch of ‘Diggin’ Dodge’ for Android and iOS soon.” – Mike Wheeler
Our very first game jam entry, was hosted on the web. Diggin’ Dodge was well liked, and we were thrilled with the excellent comments and feedback from the awesome Ludum Dare community.

At the time of our first game jam, we had already had planned to launch for the purpose of showcasing our Android and iOS games. Knowing that Diggin’ Dodge will be expanded into a full game, we decided to give our fans a special sneak peek, and include it in our website.


Just for the fun of it!

We will be hosting our game jam entry here, on a completed, so that EVERYONE can find it and play it, even during judging! Will this game become a full game? We don’t know. The awesomeness of a game jam is that the outcome could be totally sweet, or it could be epic fail, but it is guaranteed to be a great experience!


We are inviting everyone along for the ride!

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