Celebrate our Grand Opening with us!



We are excited to announce the Grand Opening of our website!


We have been working hard and are proud to announce the launch of our most awesome website… ever! THIS one!

We “just want to celebrate”!


¬†Join in the celebration by checking out our latest game, “Batty Shack.

Meet the team on our about page, or drop us a line and let us know what you think.

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Also fresh off the presses are Sticky Kitty Games’ brand new Facebook and G+ pages. This is where our Developer Team comes out to play.

There may be geekiness. There may be gossip. There may be jokes. There may be pranks. There may even be surprises, sneak peeks and secret leaking.


“You never know what those two will do, especially if you put them together and leave them unsupervised… I just hope they don’t catch me busy having lunch one day, and accidentally burn down the internet.” Mr. Waffles


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